/Proposal for tiny house competition 2022/

<The recultivator’s house>

In 2022 december we have participated in volumezero’s annual tiny house competition. We toyed with the idea of using a tiny house for tackling a large scale problem.

Degrading soil is one of humanity’s most pressing issues around the globe. Fertilization overuse, monocultural farming, and yield increase-led agricultural habits created a vicious cycle of land exploitation.

Our project focuses on regenerative practices, the proposed building is part of an envisioned larger initiative tackling the problem of soil fertility loss created by modern agricultural solutions. The house is the home and workplace of „The Recultivator”,  a person who studies and cultivates exhausted and overused crop fields bearing in mind the recreation of the lost soil fertility and biodiversity of these lands.

We have separated the building program into two masses, the living, and the working areas, maximizing the floor area of the necessary laboratory and inventory spaces.

The small-scale living situations, presented in the floor plan are accessible via built-in furniture solutions, such as the convertible wall-bed, and built-in openable tables.

The main architectural element of the house is it’s outer layer, which is a partly moveable screen stretched between a metal frame.

The presented building is designed for a continental climate and uses conventional materials from modern agricultural practices, such as agro foil as the outer layer, metal pipes, and reused wood planks. The two parts can be arranged at multiple different layouts according to the site, and the chosen connecting rail structure.